Reaching out to customers that didn't complete a funnel

Calq's conversion funnels are often used to report on critical user journeys within an application. They allow you to define a set of actions that a user takes to reach a goal. Simple examples include site registration, uploading a new product, posting a comment etc.

Example funnel

Take a real world example. One of our customers, Paddle, use a funnel to measure how many of their new developer registrations actually go on to upload a product. Uploading a product is a multi-step process and not everyone makes it to the end.

Calq's funnel report quickly shows the % conversion, a useful metric for optimisation in it's own right, but what do you do with the existing users that started the funnel but failed to finish? Reach out to them!

Using the small "Export Users..." button on the funnel results page allows you to easily export all customers that entered the funnel along with how far they got.

Export users button

Calq can also include any of the custom data you have provided about your customers. This normally includes their name, email address, company, and perhaps a phone number, but can be any data you have associated with your users.

Export users from funnel properties

Simply download the exported data and contact them. Don't needlessly lose potential conversions again.