Drill down into individual users with our improved profile page

Getting the most out of your data often requires you to look at both ends of the analytics spectrum. Calq supports aggregating data over billions of users, but also allows drilling down into individual user timelines.

To make the latter easier we have redesigned our user profile page. New features now include:

  • Quick activity summary to judge when a user has been active recently.
  • View all custom properties you have set for a user in a single place.
  • Full historical timeline including the ability to examine the properties of each event that was recorded.

The updated page has been rolled out to all Calq accounts today.

We are also now allowing full access to user activity streams via our API. Previously this was an internal feature only. You can now query customer streams using the following AQL:

SELECT * FROM $stream
WHERE $actor = 'actor_id' [ AND optional_filters ]
PERIOD from TO to LIMIT 100

As always, we would love to get your feedback on our new features.